Sports + Recreation: Fit in Vaihingen

Possibilities for recreational activities in Vaihingen are plentiful. Just in the category of community sports clubs alone, there are 27 groups offering a complete program the whole year through. Additionally, there are also several private fitness clubs and athletic centers which take care of the wellness and fitness needs of their members.

Those who prefer to spend their time jogging in the great outdoors or taking walks can also find something to their liking. Maybe a stroll around the Bärenschlössle (once a water reservoir and hunting retreat of a former duke) with its three majestic lakes, or enjoying the idyllic surroundings at the Katzenbacher Hof, or taking in the sights at the Wiesental wildlife sanctuary in Büsnau located between Stuttgart University and the Max-Planck-Institute – there are so many beautiful local recreation areas just outside your own front door in Vaihingen.

Stuttgart Vaihingen - Sports and Recreation

Moreover, the area of Rosental is not just a favorite among joggers. There you’ll find public indoor and outdoor swimming pool. And in winter, the local ski club opens up reserved cross-country ski tracks ranging from 2, 3 and 5 km for your enjoyment – an attraction for winter sports fans from far and near.

Even those who enjoy sports in more passive ways will find themselves in good company in Vaihingen. There are plenty of pubs and sports bars which screen live broadcasts of all the important games and matches.

A current listing of select sports and recreational activities in Vaihingen and its surroundings are only available in the German version of this website!

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