Dear Visitors and Guests,

On behalf of all the citizens of Vaihingen, I would like to extend a warm welcome to you.

Bezirksvorsteher Kai MungenastWe hope you feel at home here. And alongside your various activities in Stuttgart-Vaihingen – whether business meetings, training sessions, seminars or academic studies – we also hope your free time here is as enjoyable as possible.

With over 45,000 residents, the district of Stuttgart-Vaihingen is more diverselypopulated than the neighboring communities of Schwäbisch-Hall (36,000), Sinsheim (32,000) or Kircheim/Teck (38,000) ... and the variety what we have to offer our visitors is exceptionally wide and multi-faceted.

Welcome to Stuttgart-Vaihingen

To help you quickly find your way around, the editors of www.stuttgart-vaihingen.info gathered comprehensive information regarding recreational activities, shopping, dining, sports, and culture for this website.

We hope you enjoy your stay

Kai Mungenast – District Manager