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The neighboring districts of Vaihingen, Rohr, Büsnau, Dürrlewang und Dachswald make up the municipality of Stuttgart-Vaihingen. With over 45,000 residents, Stuttgart-Vaihingen is the second largest municipality of the state capital. And measuring 2.089 hectares, it has the largest surface area.

Vaihingen – situated on the edge of very fertile field plains – is partially surrounding by expansive woodlands. Formerly a predominantly agricultural area, today Vaihingen is an important and developing science, technology and economic center. Vaihingen is an ideal location – the Stuttgart Airport (Flughafen Stuttgart) and newly-opened Stuttgart Exhibition Hall (Messe Stuttgart) are both just 5 km away from Stuttgart-Vaihingen.

Stuttgart Vaihingen – About Vaihingen

The city emblem displays, in its upper half, a broken wagon wheel from St. Katharina – the patron saint of the city infirmary in Esslingen. This wheel represents the past emblem of the city of Vaihingen. In the lower half, you see a representation of the historic emblem of Rohr which was once bequeathed from a local Nobleman called Diezo von Ror. Although it is not the official emblem for the City of Stuttgart, the municipality maintains it for historical reasons.

In 1936, the cities of Vaihingen and Rohr incorporated, and later on 1. April 1942 annexed to Stuttgart. After World War II, in which much of the area was destroyed, a rapid reconstruction period followed. A practical infrastructure will all the necessary public and private facilities, well-known companies offering a multiplicity of attractive positions, and convenient connections to a sophisticated public transportation network make our district one of the most favorable residential and commercial areas.

The brochure “Willkommen in Stuttgart-Vaihingen” PDF-Download (13,4 MB) can be found here (in German language only).

Additional information about Stuttgart-Vaihingen can be found on the website of Stuttgart on the website of VVF (links to German-language website).

Comprehensive information about our city district available on wikipedia (links to German-language website).


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