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Connect with visitors to Vaihingen without wasting time! On this site, you can reach your target groups quickly and effectively. In every area of business, we offer an attractive and suitable editorial environment.

You can find more information about online advertising on this website in the following areas:

Web Ad Listings: Types and Rates

Basic Listing (free of charge)

A basic listing includes:
– Name of Business or Organization
– Partial Address (street and house number only)
– Telephone Number

Basic Listing Plus € 35.00 per year, not including applicable taxes
plus payment of a lump sum for set up at € 17,85 (€ 15,00 net).

To complement your basic listing, we have included the possibility to add a link to your business or organization.

A Basic Listing Plus includes (subscription fees apply):
– Link to your website

Premium Listing (subscription fees apply; € 95.00 per year, not including applicable taxes,
plus payment of a lump sum for set up at € 53,55 (€ 45,00 net).

A Premium Listing includes:
– Business or Organization logo
– Name of Business or Business
– Full Address
– Telephone
– Detailed Description of Company (ca. 800 Characters)
– Opening Hours
– Image
– Link to your homepage

Optional upgrades (max. of three additional images):
– Each additional image (€ 5.00 per year, not including applicable taxes)

Exclusive Web Ad on Home Page € 125.00 / Week, not including applicable taxes

Let your company or organization speak for itself. For especially high visibility, we offer the option of advertising on our home page at For example, targeted marketing at an affordable price for your upcoming event, special offer or as a general hot tip! Click here to see an example of an individualized home page.

Exclusive Web Ad on Home Page includes (subscription fees apply):

– Prominent Placement on Home Page
– Company or Organization Logo
– Name of Company or Organization
– Complete Address (Street, house number, post code and city)
– Telephone Number
– Detailed Description of Company or Event (ca. 1.000 Characters)
– Opening Hours / Duration of Event
– Image
– Link to Company Website

Banner Ad Space

We also have standard formats for banner ads which come in two different options:

Header-format Banner (Format: 460 x 60 Pixel)

for 3 Months: € 114.00 not including applicable taxes = € 38.00/month
for 6 Months: € 204.00 not including applicable taxes = € 34.00/month
Per Calendar Year: € 360.00 not including applicable taxes = € 30.00/month
plus payment of a lump sum for set up at € 29,75 (€ 25,00 net).

Sidebar-format Banner (Format: 165 x 225 pixel)

for 3 months: € 75.00 not including applicable taxes = € 25.00/month
for 6 months: € 132.00 not including applicable taxes = € 22.00/month
Per Calendar year: € 216.00 not including applicable taxes = € 18.00/month
plus payment of a lump sum for set up at € 29,75 (€ 25,00 net).

Prices are valid for and apply to fully-functioning data for banners submitted in the purchased formats (max. data file size is 50 KB). In the case of Premium Listings, the full content must be sent digitally. Banner ads will be integrated on the website on a rotating basis.

Prominent placement, exclusive ad space and other special formats may be possible upon request.

All prices are subject to applicable taxes. We reserve the discretionary right to reject advertisement bookings.

General Terms and Conditions (PDF 150 KB, in German language only)

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