Art, Culture and Festivals

Several times a year, a festive mood is in full bloom in Vaihingen. At Springtime in Vaihingen (Vaihinger Frühling), there’s a huge auto show. Soon to be followed by a Bavarian-inspired brunch (Bayerischen Frühschoppen) complete with wheat beer, pretzels and sausages. When summer begins, we welcome a Children’s Festival and Neighborhood Street Festival. And by the time autumn rolls in, we open the streets for a stroll along the Art/Culture and Epicurean Miles.

When the First Advent heralds in the Holiday spirit, our Christmas market (Weihnachtsmarkt) greets one and all with mulled wine, fruit cakes and regional crafts. Countless events and informal social gatherings (“Hocketse”) are hosted by clubs in every part of the community and can be found on our City Calendar. There’s always something happening! A complete listing of current activities in and around Stuttgart-Vaihingen can be found here (links to German-language websites).

Stuttgart-Vaihingen: Kunst, Kultur, Kirche, Schauspiel, Kleinkunst, Ausstellungen

Art lovers will also find something to suit their tastes. Galerie und Kunstschule Kultur am Kelterberg, a gallery and art school, for example presents exhibits, readings, presentations and offers classes in painting and sculpture. Fans of cabaret and play are sure to enjoy the wide variety of shows presented by local comedy and theatrical groups like the Rohrer Humorer and the Fisimatenten.

A current listing of selected organizations and clubs in Vaihingen can be found here!

Also Vaihingen’s church and religious communities warmly invite all visitors to their worship services.


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