Iron sculpture Struktur

by Reinhard Scherer

This extraordinarily unique sculpture, made of iron, was created by Reinhard Scherer in 1990. It is located on the campus of the University of Stuttgart in Vaihingen.

Reinhard Scherer shows his distinctive understanding of space and dimensions in this work, and thereby, illustrates the possibilities related to these elements. He conceptualized his construction with the objective of encouraging dialog between his work and the surrounding landscape.

Through Struktur, Scherer plays with his artistic sensibilities for flat planes and lines with the understanding that the 17-meter high sculpture would seemingly move – flexibly and elegantly – in the air.

Scherer was born in 1948 in Wangen in Allgäu and first began to develop his career in the arts during his studies at the Freien Kunstschule in Stuttgart. Later, he went on to study sculpture at the Akademie der Bildenden Künste in Stuttgart. Scherer has participated in various national and international competitions and has won several scholarships. He is a member of the regional artist league, Künstlerbund-Baden-Württemberg. Since 1990, he has been living and working as a freelance sculptor in Alfdorf-Pfahlbronn.

Universitätsstraße 34
70569 Stuttgart

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