Sculpture made from stone, steel and bronze

by Jochen Hiltmann

The remarkable worm-like sculpture made from stone, steel and bronze was created by Jochen Hiltmann in 1984. It can be admired on campus of Stuttgart University.

At on end starting with a huge pile the steel-bronze sculpture reminds us of arts like “Bol”, “Sphere” or “Sterco d’Elefante”, the so called elefant muck. It is up to your contemplation if the pile formed from mixed material merges to a twisted shiny polished metall tube or vice versa.

The German sculptor, artist, graphic artist, art critic and film-maker Jochen Hiltmann, was born in Hamburg in June, 21st 1935. Starting in agriculture he then combined travel and work heading to a wineyard in France. His passion for art led him to to the studies of free art in Hamburg in 1956. In 1959 Hiltmann abandoned the painting and then gained international recognition in sculpture.

Following he taught as lecturer and later as professor at Hochschule für bildende Künste in Hamburg and at Rietfeld-Akademie in Amsterdam. Currently Hiltmann is working in Germany and dedicates himself to the art of media.

The remarkable nature of his works is given by the specific accentuation in shapes. These forms evolve from a visible process during ‘production’.

MPA Materialprüfungsanstalt
Pfaffenwaldring 32
70569 Stuttgart

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