The fountain ‘Animal Protection’

by Erich Glauer and Daniela Einsdorf

The fountain ‚Animal Protection’ with its sculpture 'girl sitting with cat’ was completely remodeled and casted in bronze in 2010. It can be admired in Stuttgart-Vaihingen, corner Haupt-/Krehlstraße on the so-called Krehlplätzle.

In 1937 the fountain was built from lacustrine limestone. It then adorned the little waiting hall of the tramway with the kiosk inside.

The bronze figure – a boy donating water – has been damaged severly during war. Asked by Mrs. Rempis-Nast, the sculptor Erich Glauer created a sculpture from stone representing the protection of animals: sitting girl with cat. Frau Rempis-Nast was a honorary lecturer at Tierschutzschule Degerloch. Her mission was the natural friendship between human beings and animals. The inscription of the fountain “Be good to animals” derives from this mission.

On the initiative of Stiftung Stuttgarter Brünnele a second renovation was undertaken in collaboration with the sculptor Daniela Einsdorf and Tiefbauamte Stuttgart (civil engineering department). The fountain has been completely remodeled and was casted in bronze. Einsdorf replenished the fountain with four reliefs – selected endangered species. These symbols are shown on the relief boards covering the fountain trough.

Daniela Einsdorf – born in Munich and former student of Erich Glauer – was studying arts in Bonn. She is a freelance artist and lecturer for arts in Überlingen, Lake Constance. She successfully transferred the figure ‚Girl with Cat’ into bronze.

Thanks to numerous donations, to the foundation “Stuttgarter Brünnele” and to a partial financing through the city the whole fountain setting could be reset in 2010.

Corner Haupt-/Krehlstraße
Vaihinger Krehlplätzle
70563 Stuttgart

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